MegaPower Infinity 960SR / Robbe Power Peak Infinity 3

with LCB-12S balancer / Robbe Lithium TOP Equalizer 12S.

In the UK, the charger is only officially available as the Robbe Power Peak Infinity 3.

With the LCB-12S balancer, it can charge and balance up to a 12S pack of A123 cells.

Mega Power Infinity 960SR connected to a 10 cell pack of A123 cells, with balancer

Connecting balancer to battery

balancer lead

What it does not make clear in the balancer manual is that you have to combine the red wire from the first balancer cable harness to the first wire of the second harness, if using the balancer with a pack of more than 6 cells. The lead pictured on the right is for a 10 cell pack (only uses the first 11 wires on the right-hand connector)

Spare harnesses are available from Robbe - Item 1-4021, Voltage sensor cable 7-P.


Below are a couple of graphs of the 960SR near the end of charging a 10 Cell pack of A123 Lithium cells. The iniial charge current is 4 Amps. The 960SR reduces the current when the pack voltage gets to an average of 3.7 Volts per cell, but you would want to charge at a much lower inital current (around 0.5 Amps) if the cells were badly out of balance.

Bought a PC connection lead from Robbe - item 1-8295, "Interface Cable Infinity 2+3". If your PC does not have a RS232 (Serial) connection, then you can get a cheap USB to RS232 adapter on eBay. The interface cable can be used with LogView, although V2 seems to be only available in German at the moment. I just used it to capture a log file and save into an Excel spreadsheet.

I have now written my own simple graphing application, so I can get a real-time display of the voltage curves. I may develop this application so that it can be used as simple charger - would just need some way of controlling the power supply, preferably with the ability to vary the current. I am thinking of using a 36V swithed mode PSU and controlling the voltage adjustment (typically +/- 10%, which is plenty) from the computer.

After the first charge, I left the balancer connected for 30 mins or so, continuing to balance. I then briefly disharged the pack and performed a second charge - graph 2, which resulted in the pack being well balanced.

first charge - beginning
first charge - end
screen display